Making dental care affordable for ALL!

Save 50% at the dentist! Coverage for the entire family is just $70/year!*

*Plus a one time only processing fee of $20, savings vary from 20-70% depending on procedure, but generally average 50% overall.


SAME fee schedule, EVERY dentist, EVERY time! No surprises!

All our dentists use the SAME fee schedule, every time, everywhere in your entire State! No hidden surprises like some other plans where you join only to discover that every zip code, often every dentist, has a different, usually higher, fee schedule than what you expected. Sparkle Dental Plan = No surprises!

Dental ProcedureRegular Dental Fee**Discounted Sparkle Dental Plan Member Fees*You Save
Full Crown (Porcelain Fused to Noble Metal)$2306$906$1400
Silver/Amalgam Filling (One Surface)$314$90$224
White (Composite) Filling (One Surface)$306$120$186
Complete Denture (Upper or Lower)$2690$1300$1390
Extraction (Single Tooth)$483$118$365
Root Canal (Molar)$2386$960$1366
Routine Checkup$139$30$109
Four Bitewing X-rays$149$46$103
Adult Cleaning$213$72$141
Child Cleaning$147$54$93
Specialists100% regular cost80% of regular cost20%

*Sparkle Dental Plan Member Fee: Plan members only pay the discounted Dental Plan Member Fees. The full fee schedule is always available for review in your ‘member area’ upon joining. Specialist fees only where specialists are available. Dental Discount Plans are not insurance.  The Sparkle Dental Plan Member fees are paid directly by the member to the dentist ** “Regular Fee”  Based on a proprietary blend of 80th percentile data gathered nationally by recognized sources, and are ‘average’ examples of fees usually charged by Dentists in your area.


  • (1) Join our discount dental plan for as low as $3.95/mo. (2) Visit any participating dentist on our list (click on ‘ FIND A DENTIST ’ to view dentists near you). (3) Get the treatment you need! You only pay the dentist our low fixed discounted fees which are 20-70% lower than regular fees. It’s as simple as that! See sample fees/savings.
  • Your dental plan…for less! Switching from your more expensive plan saves you money!
  • Change dentists any time you like! Family members can even go to different dentists!
  • Great for Seniors with no dental coverage too!
  • No deductibles to meet before coverage begins!
  • No waiting periods! Membership begins as soon as you join!
  • No Claim Forms! No pre-approvals needed!
  • No annual maximum/limits!
  • Pre-existing conditions are OK!!

Never pay full fees again at the Dentist! Our team has been helping people save on their dental expenses since 1979 with dental discount plans for individuals and their families!! Experience you can trust! Just click any ‘Join Now’ button to sign up for as low as $3.95/month and you can start saving right away with one of our dental discount plans.

And best of all, you never need to choose an “assigned” dentist to join or use our dental plans, because you can go to any dentist on our list at any time, for any reason. Family members can even go to different dentists with our affordable dental coverage.

Plus, some Dental Plans advertise discounted dental fees which turn out to be misleading because the fine print says that they negotiate a separate fee schedule with every single dentist, so your ‘savings’ may vary from dentist to dentist, and you never know for sure what the actual fee will be until it is too late! Not with Sparkle Dental Plan. ALL our dentists in each State use the same fixed fee schedule, and you always have a copy of those fees available in the member area on our site for comparison once you join.

With affordable dental coverage from Sparkle Dental Plan, you know exactly what your fee will be for any given procedure code in advance! Sparkle Dental Plan means ‘no surprises!