About Us

Experience You can Trust!

Our management team has decades of experience including founding/operating multiple affordable dental plans so highly regarded they were ultimately acquired by Wellpoint (Anthem/Blue Cross) and GE Capital (Montcor) as well as listed in the INC 500. Our CEO is a licensed Dentist who has been a pioneer in the Discount Dental Care Industry since 1979 and was a founding member of the CA Association of Dental Plans, as well as a board member of that well-respected organization, and its first Dental Director. In addition, he has served on the Quality Assurance Committee of the National Association of Dental Plans and was Vice President of Networks and Quality Assurance for Wellpoint (Anthem/Blue Cross), one of the largest health insurance companies in the country. Experience you can trust, and among the most affordable discount dental plans in the industry!

Join Direct and Save Money!

Sparkle Dental Plan is among the most affordable discount dental plans in the industry. We eliminate the middleman so you save money! Other discount dental care plans are sold through “.COM” broker sites that charge remarkably high commissions. These high commissions are passed on directly to the consumer in the form of much high membership fees. We eliminate the middleman, our members join directly through us, so we pay no high commissions, and the savings are passed on directly to YOU in the form of our industry-low membership fees. Why join a dental plan with built-in high membership fees when our pocketbook-friendly low membership fees often offer the same or even superior discounts on your dental treatment for a much lower membership fee? Your affordable dental plan…for less!

Why Join A Dental Discount/Savings Plan?

Never pay high dental fees again! For as little as $3.95/mo. you save 20-70% on your dental care! Find the best dental plan for you or your family and start saving, it’s that easy. And unlike many insurance plans, our discount dental plans have:

  • No Deductibles: Your savings begin on day one, no need to pay high dental fees until your yearly ‘deductible’ is met. Start saving right away!
  • No Annual Limits: You never reach a ‘maximum savings for the year’ as with some plans. You can get all the treatment you choose every year without worrying that your coverage will end for that year simply because you had ‘too much treatment,’ exceeded your annual maximum, and are then forced to wait until the following year to regain coverage. You can get as much treatment as you need every year with no limits!
  • No Claim Forms: claim forms are tedious to fill out, and to send in, and then you are forced to wait for coverage, if any, from your plan, often finding out that some ‘claims reviewer’ somewhere may have denied or downgraded your coverage. With Sparkle Dental Plan. There are no claim forms to fill out and no delays in coverage waiting for claim forms to be returned, making our packages among the most affordable discount dental plans in the industry. Simply visit your chosen Plan Provider and proceed with any diagnosed work whenever you are ready. It’s that simple!
  • No pre-authorizations: How often have you heard “We need to send this in and see if it will be preauthorized before we can begin treatment”? As a Sparkle Dental Plan member there are no pre-authorizations required to obtain diagnosed treatment with your chosen provider. Simply visit your Provider, obtain your dental examination, and proceed with all necessary treatment you desire. No pre-authorizations mean you have access to the treatment you need and want whenever YOU decide you are ready!
  • No Waiting Periods: many plans require a waiting period of 1- 6 months before you can receive any coverage for needed treatment. Until you meet the waiting period you may have no coverage at all or limited coverage at best. Not with Sparkle Dental Plan, we have no waiting periods, and your coverage and savings begin on your first day of membership!
  • Pre-Existing Conditions are Covered: Many plans exclude ‘pre-existing conditions.’ For example, if you have a tooth that was missing prior to obtaining your dental coverage, it may be considered a ‘pre-existing condition’ and therefore not covered under your plan! With Sparkle Dental Plan we do not have any pre-existing condition clause, so you are free to receive all the treatment you need and want without worrying about pre-existing condition limitations! This is a substantial reason why our plans are among the most affordable discount dental plans in the industry.