Dentist FAQ

No! And joining quick and easy. Just click on “Dentist” at the top of the home page, and select the proper drop down for either “General Dentists/Prospective” or “Specialists/Prospective” and complete the short form. You will receive a reply that allows you to complete your registration, review fees, and review our provider agreement. It’s is that simple!

Sparkle Dental Plan members select a dentist from our growing list of participating providers and receive the dental care they need at the fees listed on the applicable fee schedule, which is always available for your front office staff in the Dentists area of the Sparkle Dental Plan web site. Patients pay you directly, no claim forms to hassle with, no waiting for pre-approval, no annual limits to track.

Simple and easy, designed with your busy front office in mind. No phone calls to make. No pre-approvals to send and wait for. Simply visit the provider area on our web site, type in the member’s name and birthdate, and eligibility will appear immediately on your screen!

Just provide your contact information HERE and we will contact you!

On the navigation bar above, click on “Dentists” then select General Dentist/Prospective or Specialist/Prospective. Simply complete the short form and submit. You will receive an email where you can a) view the fee schedule, b) view the provider agreement and c) complete the registration process.