Member FAQ

Yes! Your savings can potentially add up to thousands of dollars, and your membership fees are among the lowest in the industry. Double savings!

Sparkle Dental Plan members are entitled to the fees listed on our plan fee schedule, which are approximately 20-70% less than the fees usually charged by dentists for the same procedure.

Yes! You can call for an appointment as soon as your membership is confirmed. You will receive a confirmation email confirming that your membership is active.

  • You may visit any dentist listed and can change dentists any time.
  • Different family members are able to see different dentists

Yes, you are free to change your dentist at any time for any reason. Just call any dentist on the list, confirm their participation, and make an appointment.

Yes! During the initial 30 days of membership if you are dissatisfied for any reason you can cancel and receive a full refund of all membership fees paid (less the one-time non-refundable processing fee).

Yes! Your general dentist may refer you to a participating specialist for care, or you may contact a participating specialist directly by selecting one from the Sparkle Dental Plan participating provider list. As a plan member you are entitled to a reduction of 20% from the specialists usual fee, a saving of potentially thousands of dollars.

Important note: Specialists benefits are available only where participating specialists are listed on the Sparkle Dental Plan Dentist list. If no specialist is available in your area, then you will not have any specialist coverage, and will not be entitled to any discount, until and unless a participating specialist is added in your area. If you visit a non participating specialist you will pay the specialist regular, non discounted, fee.

Sparkle Dental Plan is not insurance, it is a reduced fee for service dental plan. You are entitled to special discounted fees that are generally 20-70% less than the fees usually charged depending on the procedure performed. You pay these fees directly to the dentist. Sparkle Dental Plan does not pay claims.