Provider Registration


NOTE: If you are interested in potentially joining as a provider, please fill out the simple form below and you will receive an email that will link you to easy next steps for you to review provider agreements/fees/plan features and to submit a formal provider application should you wish to. You can review the fee schedule for your state by clicking on your state below.

There is no cost to the doctor to join. Members will contact you directly for appointments.

  • No waiting on hold for eligibility calls, confirm quickly on your own office computer
  • Members pay you directly
  • No claim forms to complete
  • No pre authorization required
  • No pre existing condition exclusions
  • No annual maximum to track


Click on the state below to review the fee schedule for that state. If your practice is in another state, and you wish to be notified when we are accepting registrations in your area, CLICK HERE

Click on the state below to review fee schedule, Sparkle Dental Plan is currently accepting providers in these States:

New York