Specialist Registration


Specialists charge members directly for their services at the rate of 80% of their filed/verifiable UCR fees ( e.g. 20% discount off UCR fees),

Members pay you directly, no claim forms, no waiting for pre-authorizations, no annual limits to treatment, no waiting for payment, no pre-existing exclusions!

Our members allow you to expand your practice in ways that suit your individual needs. Adding an associate, and/or adding hours or days to the practice schedule, or just simply turning empty chair time into productive chair time, all enable you to maximize the inherent potential of your practice.


Only Doctor owners, managing doctors, or corporate representatives with the authority to sign for the office may submit applications. Your registration will be reviewed and you will be contacted by a Sparkle Dental Plan representative.

Any questions please call 1.866.466.6484 or email us at [email protected]